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                  Di methyl adipate (DMA)
                  Diethyl adipate (DEA)
                  Di isopropyl Adipate (DIPA)
                  Di-n-hexyl adipate(DHA)
                  Di ethyl Sebacate (DES)
                  Di isopropyl Sebacate (DIPS
                  Mono methyl adipate (MMA)
                  Monoethyl adipate (MEA)
                  Monomethyl sebacate(MMS)

        Monomethyl sebacate(MMS)

        1, Structure formula:HOOC-(CH2)8-COOCH3
        2, Molecular formula:C11H20O4
        3, Molecular weight:216 

        Properties and uses 

        Quality standard 
        This product is white crystal at room temperature. Boiling point: 168℃(3mmHg), Melting point: 42.5¡«43, flashing point 110.
        This product is used as intermediate of medicine and other organic.

        Index name Index Remark
        Appearance White crystalline solid At room temperature
        Chroma(melted)(APHA)≤ 50 melted
        Purity:(%) ≥ 95  
        Melting point: 
        Content of sebacic acid: % ≤ 3

        Packing and Shipment 
        In 200L plastic barrel, 200kg net each. This product should be kept in cool and dry places.

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