Olive Square

Olive Square

Olive Square was the first Mixed-Use Development in Florida designed by Mr. Ramos in 1973. He rezoned the 10 acre site into a mixed use development consisting of Townhomes, Condominium Apartments, Hotel, Condominium Office Building, rental Office Tower with a Private Club restaurant on the top floor, Shops, Restaurants and a Wine Cellar specialty shop, Artist Shops with Living Units above. All Parking was designed underground with plazas above. It took 11 variances and 3 special exceptions to grant the re-zoning from ½ acre estates to 300,000 SF of mixed use development. Walter Geiger, Chief of Metro’s Planning Development Department called it “the most innovative thing ever proposed in Dade County”.

Stunning DesignsStunning Designs

Stunning Designs

Lee has a unique attention to detail.  He envisions the full potential of every project and his award-winning designs have made him a much sought after architect.



Lee’s involvement in research studies analyzing the net to gross ratio requirements of DOEs 6A-2 and work in the development of Educational Facilities Programming led to his successful proto-type designs as well as other unique designs within time and budget parameters. The children’s and teachers perspective and needs drive his design process.



Lee particularly enjoys designing places of Worship, giving each site a unique personality that reflects the congregation and their needs.



Residential architecture is unique in that it brings into the arena of design the personal equation. It is labor intensive and requires a special relationship between architect and owner. Knowing the client and his lifestyle has been at the center of Lee’s design process. Designing a functional, beautiful house that will fit the physical as well as the emotional needs of his clients has been the cornerstone anchor of his designs as evident with the state design award winning MacIntyre Residence.



Besides his talent in Facilities Programming, Lee spends time and effort in speaking to all personnel from the Administrator, doctors and nurses to those who do maintenance and repairs in order to design facilities that function, are durable and beautiful, such as the national award-winning M.S. Fox Clinic.



Mr. Ramos’ experience in Interior Design, Furniture Design, Space Planning, in conjunction with his architectural creative talent, result in dynamic and successful office and work environments. Florida’s Corporate Headquarters for the Royal Trust of Canada is an example of his design.