Civic Awards

Recipient “El Pitirre Award” from ASPIRA of Florida, Inc., 2002

Certificate of Appreciation, Dedication to rebuilding West Perrine, West Perrine Community Dev. Corp, 1995.

Local Volunteer Service Award, Support for Minorities by Serving on ASPIRA Board of Directors, ASPIRA of Florida, Miami, Florida, 1995.

Certificate of Appreciation, Outstanding Contribution to the Growth and Development of The Chamber of Commerce of the Americas, 1966

Scroll of Friendship, Keys of the City of Miami were given in appreciation, Miami, Florida, 1965.



AIA Florida, Citizen Architect, Class of 2014

Honor Award, American Institute of Architects-Treasure Coast, Test of Time – Medical – Fox Medical Center 2014

Elevated to Fellowship, College of Fellows, American Institute of Architects, 1997

Local President’s Award, Hurricane Andrew Efforts, American Institute of Architects, 1992

College of Engineering Building, Florida International University was judged and selected for Publication in America School and University’s Architectural Portfolio, 1990

Anthony L. Pullara Award, for Involvement, Dedication, and Outstanding Services to Community, Chapter and the FA/AlA, Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects, 1988

Certificate of Appreciation, Outstanding Service Profession while serving as Chairperson of FA/AlA, Governmental Relations Committee, 1987

Award Progressive Architecture, Miami Beach Art Deco District Preservation and Development Plan, Lemuel Ramos and Associates, Inc./Planner to Notter Fiengold, Inc., Miami Beach, Florida

Fourth Place Competition, Award American Institute of Architects Design Competition, American Institute of Architects, Headquarters, State of Florida, Tallahassee, Florida, 1980

Received the Florida Solar Energy Center Passive Design Honor Award for Residential Competition for The Galaxies at the Grove Townhouses, located in Coconut Grove, FL, 1979

Award of Merit, Florida Association of The American Institute of Architects, Macintyre Residence, Coconut Grove, Florida, 1978

Outstanding Homes of Miami, The Villagers, Inc., Macintyre Residence, Coconut Grove, Florida, 1976

National Award of Merit, American Institute of Architects, M.S. Fox Medical Center, Miami, Florida, 1969